Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Baubles and Beauty Feb 10th

Have you been looking for some original gift ideas for Valentines day? We have the event for you. Our first ever Baubles and Beauty event will be Feb 10, from 2-5 at the Historic Tutwiler Hotel in Down town Birmngham. You will have a chance to view and purchase beautiful custom jewelry by Rachel Stewart. You can also have a photo session with Two Sisters Photography. We will have soothing live music from Carlos Pino. Come join us for the event of the season! The historic Tutwiler has been gorgeously restored and is a beautiful setting for this event.

A special area will be set up for portraits, anything from Hollywood glamour style to cute kids portraits. Bring something special to wear and have a mini session done on the spot! This is a great way to get professional portraits done without a sitting fee. Mom and kids, couples, mom for dad, all ideas are welcome. Let us know if you plan to attend, there is no purchase necessary. We would love to see you. You will have a chance to view our work and that of Rachel Stewart Jewelry. Please feel free to post questions and comments about this event here or to email us for more information. We look forward to meeting you!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

We have winner!!

Congratulations to the Land Family for winning our first ever Image of the Year contest.
With 197 votes image #5 won the contest. Thanks to everyone who voted in our contest. We had 565 total votes.
The Land Family will receive a free photo session and a free mounted 11X14 print.
Check back often for more fun contests.
Congrats to all who were nominated.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Baubles and Beauty coming up!

Are you looking for a new idea for a Valentines Day gift? Join us on Sunday, February 10 from 2-5pm at the historic Tutwiler Hotel in downtown Birmingham for Baubles and Beauty.

Shop for unique, custom jewelry by Rachel Stewart designs. Or have a glamour portrait done for that special someone by Two Sisters Photography. Enjoy live music by Carlos Pino.

Call us at 903-4453 for more information.

We can't wait to see you then!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's Contest time --lets vote!

We have spent the last few days pouring over our portrait images from 2007 and we have chosen our personal favorites.
Well, that was a hard job and we ended up with quite a few.
They are listed below:
Please choose your favorite image number and vote for it for our 2007 Photo of the year.
Tell all your friends and family to vote too.
The winning image gets a free photo session and a free mounted 11 x 14.
Contest voting ends Friday, January 25, 2008 at 10pm.
Please place your vote by choosing the image number of your choice in the vote below this post.
Some people are reporting that the images are not lining up on their computer and they are confused about the nunbers. There are 22 images.
We will add a description beside the number you should use to vote.
If you feel you have voted incorrectly you may change your vote. Thanks.

It's Contest Time!

#1(girl in gold dress with pink watering can)

# 2 (red head with red leaf)

# 3 (dark haired girl in light blue dress dancing)

# 4 (brunette girl with blue hair bow and wind blowing hair)

# 5 (little girl on bench kissing her brother)

# 6 (two kids on bench with white shirts sitting back to back)

# 7 (little girl with red hair bow touching cheek with her finger)

#8 (two kids in red shirts on red bench, girl lying against her brother)

# 9(family throwing leaves with kids in wheel barrow)

#10 (handsome boy leaning against tree)

#11 (three kids looking up wth bright light and snow)

#12 (girl on horse)

#13 (girl in white dress waving sash in the wind)

#14 (baby in santa suit sitting in gold chair)

#15 (pretty girl with striped blouse with her hand on the tree, dark tones)

#16 (little girl playing with bubbles in dress)

#17 (dark haired girl in gold princess dress)

#18 (twin babies)

#19 (dark haired sleeping baby)

#20 (little girl in vineyard)

#21 (slose up of girl with headband and sparkling eyes)

#22 (close up of baby looking up)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Our first contest is coming up....

Our first contest is coming up and you won't want to miss it!

We are currently choosing our favorite client images from 2007. When we have those compiled we will post them here. Expect to see them by Monday, January 14th! You can then tell your family and friends to come vote for their favorite image. The winner will receive a free photo session and a free mounted 11 x 14 print. So keep checking back.

Which image do you want to vote for?