Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's Wedding Season

It is that time of year for setting up photography for your summer weddings. We book limited weddings each year. We still have a few spots open. If you would be interested in having us photograph your wedding call us today 903-4453.

We can do all styles of photography for the wedding, portrait, formal, documentary and a mix.


Danna Bowes said...

All of your work is phenominal and has such a magical feel, this shot is no exception.....anyone who has you capture their wedding day is truly lucky.

Anjella Roessler said...

Can you travel to Australia? ;-D Amazingly enough, coming from another photographer (though not a wedding photographer at the time), we didn't have a photographer at our wedding and I'll regret it forever! If I'd known then that there were people with your talent shooting weddings I'd have saved my pennies and begged and pleaded till you came over!

holly said...

beautiful shot!!

Which image do you want to vote for?